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Every once in a while we’ve seen good and great brands die out because they got bigger than their customer base. Pongol will never leave any of your inquiries and questions unattended. We’d walk through fire to get you the best.


With all the scams going on in the world today, it is only wise of you to want to know why you should choose to pay online on our website. Pongol is integrated with PayStack and what it means is your transactions are secure and you can be sure no card details of yours is stored anywhere on  the Pongol Website.


Bad things happen. You order a shoe online and it’s broken on arrival. Worse yet, the site you made the purchase from says nothing can be done. It’s tasteless, right? Our quality assurance at Pongol is top-notch, and we also know life happens. Got any broken order from us? We’d return and refund with reference to our t&c.